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The best Italian espresso produced in the heart of Tuscany since 1898

A tradition that continues...

Since 1898, Il Caffè Manaresi produce the finest Italian espresso coffee, today with the same passion and quality. Il Caffè Manaresi coniugates a still artisanal production with the needs of the industrial production.

Il Caffè Manaresi can be considered one of the author of the espresso coffee as we know it today. In 1898 in fact manaresi opened in the centre of Florence one of the very first coffee shops where the coffee was served at the counter and not only at the table like it used to. The idea of an express coffee enjoyed on the go. The coffee shop was in fact called "Caffè de' Ritti", where the word "Ritti" means "people who are standing up", indicating the new habit of having the coffee while standing at the counter.

The production happens all in-house in the Manaresi facility in San Casciano Val di pesa, in the heat of the Tuscanshire, along the Chianti wine road, the historical road Via Cassia of Roman origins, that used to connect Florence with Rome.

From selection, to blending, roasting, grinding and packing, all happens in the same facility under a strict and constant quality check to assure the best quality obtainable.

Il Caffè Manaresi produces on demand without using a storage, guaranteeing a genuine 24 months shelf life and an extraordinary fresh, balanced and aromatic coffee.

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